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The discovery about an urban model for the new China : project about urban regeneration along the city walls in chinese city of Zhao Qing

Xue Zou

The discovery about an urban model for the new China : project about urban regeneration along the city walls in chinese city of Zhao Qing.

Rel. Gustavo Ambrosini, Michele Bonino. Politecnico di Torino, Corso di laurea magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città, 2016



Concerning the protection of the ancient city wall, it should be based on the preservation of the ancient buildings. Moreover it also should combine the buildings together with their surrounding environments, then plan and re-use reasonably. In Europe or other countries around the world, this method is rather mature in terms of repairing the ancient city walls themselves or re-use the other buildings, like Italy.

Therefore, regarding the repair procedure of the Zhao Qing ancient city walls in China, this is a really good example for referring. Taken into consideration of the examples of protections for buildings in foreign counties and preserving the ancient buildings which possess traditional Chinese characteristics, we should think how to combine the city wall and people’s living together in terms of taking into account the functionalities and necessities and exploring the maximum value of the ancient city wall.

Relators: Gustavo Ambrosini, Michele Bonino
Publication type: Printed
Number of Pages: 82
Subjects: A Architettura > AO Design
R Restauro > RC Restauro urbano
U Urbanistica > UK Pianificazione urbana
Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea magistrale in Architettura Costruzione Città
Classe di laurea: New organization > Master science > LM-04 - ARCHITECTURE AND ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING
Aziende collaboratrici: UNSPECIFIED
URI: http://webthesis.biblio.polito.it/id/eprint/4861


Chapter 1:The Zhao Qing city and its walls

1.1 Introduction of Zhao Qing city

1.2 The history of Zhao Qing

1.2.1 The city layout Ancient city landscape framework Traditional street framework of the ancient city

1.3 The fortification system in Cina

1.3.1 The origin of fortification system in Cina

1.3.2 The constructions of walls in Zhao Qing

1.3.3 The past utilization and the urban management of wall in Zhao Qing City wall function Appearance and design Materials

Chapter 2:Typological analysis of Guang Dong province and its architecture

2.1 Guang Dong province

2.1.1 The geography of Guang Dong

2.1.2 The city road networks

2.1.3 Climate in Guang Dong

2.1.4 The water networks in Guang Dong

2.1.5 The architecture typology

Chapter 3:Typological analysis of Zhao Qing city

3.1 The city of Zhao Qing today

3.1.1 The city framework of Zhao Qing current state of wall protection Impact factors The pressure from tourism

3.1.2 La street system in Zhao Qing

3.1.3 The architectural typology

3.2 The planning city wall in Zhao Qing

3.2.1 The planning about ancient city wall in Zhao Qing since 1949

3.2.2 Essential planning and construction events of the city of Zhao Qing

Chapter 4:Analysis of projected site

4.1 Location of site

4.2 Actual utilization of the site and the walls

4.2.1 The layout of the city wall

4.2.2 The actual utilization of the city wall

4.3 Project description of urban regeneration

Chapter 5:The project

5.1 The event protocol

5.1.1 Ongoing projects

5.1.2 Recently implemented projects

5.2 The methodology of urban regeneration

5.2.1 Functionality

5.2.2 Culture

5.2.3 Architectural environment

5.2.4 Transportations

5.2.5 Space

5.2.6 Green space

5.3 Functionalities

5.3.1 Exhibition system

5.3.2 Tourist service center

5.3.3 The official space

5.4 The vertical and horizontal routes

5.4.1 Auto

5.4.2 The pedestrianized route

5.4.3 The bicycle route

5.4.4 The vertical routes

5.4.5 The footbridges

5.5 The choices of constructive techniques and materials

5.5.1 The constructive techniques and materials

5.5.2"Building scale/elevators made of glass and steel" for the vertical distribution of accesses

5.6 Choices of utilizations for green spaces

5.6.1 The green roof

5.6.2 The green path

Chapter 6:Conclusion and future work

Index of appendix


Elaborated graphs


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