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From the general plan to the spatial project : the Swedish esperience

Vincenzo Carrubba

From the general plan to the spatial project : the Swedish esperience.

Rel. Umberto Janin Rivolin Yoccoz, Alys Solly. Politecnico di Torino, Corso di laurea magistrale in Pianificazione Territoriale, Urbanistica E Paesaggistico-Ambientale, 2016



The title of this work is “from the general plan to the spatial project” because my training experience in Sweden has taught me that a “system” for managing this aspect can be different in comparison with the usual Italian experience. The Italian and the Swedish systems can regulate indeed the urban transformation using different tools and different modalities. The main goal of the thesis is thus to compare the two systems in order to identify the respective advantages and disadvantages.

As said, the choice to compare these two countries derives from my personal experience reached during the study career. The bachelor and master degree allowed me to know in depth the Italian planning system and the Erasmus experience permitted me to understood the dynamics behind the urban transformation in Sweden.

The goal to identify and discuss the main differences between the two systems is based therefore on two study experiences developed during my university career, in particular the case of Botkyrka in the county of Stockholm for what concerns Sweden (chapter 2) and the plan variation developed for the municipality of Cirie in the province of Turin for what concerns the Italian system (chapter 3).

Successively, I will develop a comparison between the two case studies in order to highlight the main differences (chapter 4), which suggest that the Swedish planning system seems suitable to solve some of the main weaknesses affecting the Italian planning system.

It is important to stress that, while recognising the high complexity of the whole operation of a planning system, the focus of this thesis is the capacity to control the urban transformation as one main function of territorial governance. In this light, the thesis supports that the Swedish system appears to be capable to give to the public authority greater opportunity of control, thanks to the flexible structure of the general plan which allows more careful assessment of the spatial project.

Relators: Umberto Janin Rivolin Yoccoz, Alys Solly
Publication type: Printed
Subjects: G Geografia, Antropologia e Luoghi geografici > GD Estero
U Urbanistica > UK Pianificazione urbana
Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea magistrale in Pianificazione Territoriale, Urbanistica E Paesaggistico-Ambientale
Classe di laurea: UNSPECIFIED
Aziende collaboratrici: UNSPECIFIED
URI: http://webthesis.biblio.polito.it/id/eprint/4737


2.The study experience in Sweden: Botkyrka

2.1.The Botkyrka municipality

2.1.1.Territorial framework


2.1.3.The Botkyrka comprehensive plan

a)Dialogues about the future

b)Botkyrka municipality citizen survey

2.1.4.Legislative framework

a)Regional development plan for the Stockholm region (RUFS)

b)Forest management plan

c)Botkyrka environmental protection program

2.2.The Norsborg and Hallunda system

2.2.1.Physical description

2.2.2.Central urban area of Norsborg/Hallunda

a)Services and business

b)Forms of tenures, property and land ownership

c)Housing blocks and neighbourhood

d)Green structures

e)Road infrastructures and car parking

2.3.3 The connections with the nature

2.3.From the comprehensive plan to the detail plan: Central urban renewal

2.3.1.Reduction of land used for car parking

2.3.2.Pedestrian and bike friendly infrastructures

2.3.3.New recreational areas and public spaces

2.3.4.Infill development

2.3.5.Summarizing map

2.3.6.Accessible and diverse nature



2.4.Final remarks

3.The study experience in Italy as a backdrop for comparison

3.1.The case study of Ciriè

3.2.The new general regulatory plan

3.2.1.The linear city garden

3.3.The plan variation


3.3.2.From the old P.R.G. to the new regulatory plan

3.4.The structural plan variation


b)The Number of the Ati4


d)The number of the Pal


3.5.The reshape of the green structures

3.6.Final remarks

4.From the plan to the project: how the Swedish approach differs

4.1.Assignment of the land use right

4.2.Flexibility vs Rigidity

4.3,.Accountability of the public authority

4.4.Public participation

4.5.Public control






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