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Steel still memories : Public space : the memory of the city : creating a sense of public space

Jing Shu Shu

Steel still memories : Public space : the memory of the city : creating a sense of public space.

Rel. Gustavo Ambrosini, Pierre Alain Croset, Michele Bonino. Politecnico di Torino, Corso di laurea specialistica in Architettura (Progettazione Urbana E Territoriale), 2012


What is your memory of a city? Why is it so memorable?

For the local residents, perhaps the most memorable part of the city is a humble street the market every day you go for food, or the bar where you chat with friends and neighbors. Or those several trees out of the door.

For the tourists, for sure are those historic highlights, identity and image place of city.

For a child, maybe is a small square where he played in the childhood or a park in the downtown of city.

Look,! All our memories of the city are about public spaces. The existing public space has become our memory, The space will be created will be our memory of the future. The public space is not just the memory of the city, but also the identity of the city, reflecting the taste of the city and a cultural identity.

I’m a Chinese girl who living in Europe, I love to travel, I travel almost 50,000km every year. Between Asian European North Arica and Arab counties. I’m as an observer of different cities. I’m studying urban planning. Urban culture and urban design impact on our lives is very fascinated for me, we live in the city and in different places, is closely related to our daily life. Travel helps me transform many places across the country and influence the thinking of many cities.

If I talk with you about Rome, Paris, New York, Beijing, and Hong Kong... What pictures are passing in your mind?

To create a meaningful or a sense of public space which is created a wonderful part of our life. May affect a lot of people, affect a city and affect our memory of whole life

Relators: Gustavo Ambrosini, Pierre Alain Croset, Michele Bonino
Publication type: Printed
Subjects: A Architettura > AK Buildings and industry equipment
A Architettura > AO Design
Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea specialistica in Architettura (Progettazione Urbana E Territoriale)
Classe di laurea: UNSPECIFIED
Aziende collaboratrici: UNSPECIFIED
URI: http://webthesis.biblio.polito.it/id/eprint/3006


Academy of Science & River Park

1.1 Background

1.1.1 History urban problem

1.1.2 Population problem

1.1.3 Urban Renewal/Redevelopment

1.2 Convergence/ Comprehensive destination

1.2.1 How we make a great Public Place?

1.2.2 The public space and the public uses of the projects

1.2.3 Access & Linkages

1.2.4 Comfort & Image

1.2.5 Uses & Activities

1.2.6 Summary and methods to keep in mind in evaluating the uses and activities of a place

1.3 Sociability


2.1 Public

2.2 Place/space

2.2.1 Local Opportunities

2.2.2 Trasportation & Connection: bus/metro/train stations, streets as public space Analysis of “benefits of boulevards" Case studying: Project of Zhongshan Road Renovation, Hangzhou

2.2.3 Creating a central square

2.2.4 Urban parks

2.2.5 Multi-Use & HOPSCA Case studying: project of SAN LI TUN The Village, Beijing

2.2.6 Affectionate Places

2.2.7 "East meets West”. Public life between different cultures

2.2.8 The world’s best PUBLIC SPACE




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