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Techno-Economic Feasibility Study on Renewable-fed P2P Systems for French Islands

Zaib Shahid

Techno-Economic Feasibility Study on Renewable-fed P2P Systems for French Islands.

Rel. Massimo Santarelli. Politecnico di Torino, Corso di laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Meccanica (Mechanical Engineering), 2020


The progress in the field of sustainable energy with zero carbon dioxide emissions has become inevitable in the current era. Its not only one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but also a need of planet earth. The Islands have a substantial amount of locally available renewable sources of energy thus have the potential to reduce or even put an end to usage of fossil fuels for electricity and avoiding long grid connections from the mainland. For the intermittence of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Hydrogen can be an attractive energy storage option due to its high energy density and long term storage capability. In this thesis work, the 21 Small Islands of France, based in Europe, are selected for analyzing the feasibility of H2 and Battery based Power-to-Power (P2P) systems fed by Renewable sources of energy (Solar and Wind energy). For each island, three scenarios of storage options are analyzed and compared. The main aim is to a carryout a detailed techno-economic analysis proving technical, economic and environmental advantages over the conventional methods of electricity production. The optimization is carried out by considering the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) as an objective function.. The analysis resulted that the proposed solutions exhibit significantly lower operational costs and thus cost of electricity. Moreover, a large amount of carbon dioxide would be saved from being released in atmosphere. The research work can be deemed as one of the goals of “Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat”.

Relators: Massimo Santarelli
Academic year: 2020/21
Publication type: Electronic
Number of Pages: 66
Additional Information: Tesi secretata. Fulltext non presente
Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Meccanica (Mechanical Engineering)
Classe di laurea: New organization > Master science > LM-33 - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
Aziende collaboratrici: UNSPECIFIED
URI: http://webthesis.biblio.polito.it/id/eprint/15747
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